Get a Life!

Comments: - Finn

Finn, you're like an ant to him.

Comments: - Marceline

Hunson Abadeer

Comments: - Hunson Abadeer

What, what, what, what?

Comments: - BMO

He's perfect.

Comments: - Jake

About Adventure Time Quotes

Adventure Time quotes is filled with the most memorable quotes you have heard from the characters in the hit cartoon TV series Adventure Time. Many of these quotes are surely going to give you a laugh. The TV series is still quite new and many people are still not familiar with it. These quotes will surely catch their attention as it’s not the typical set of quotes you’d find. The characters in Adventure Time can be quite wacky and the writers’ sense of humor is divine.

Adventure Time is another big hit created for Cartoon Network. It was Pendleton Ward that created this cartoon series and it became such a hit to the audience, not just kids but even for adults.

Adventure Time story evolves around this young boy named Finn together with Jake, his best friend dog who has magical powers and can practically change to whatever shape he likes and how big or small he’d like to be. The setup is in the Land of Ooo thousands of years after the world met its doom through a nuclear war.

In Adventure Time, you won’t just see the two main characters but they are also accompanied by several other characters. One favorite is Princess Bubblegum and she’s a humanoid from the Candy Kingdom that she rules. She’s a very smart princess that knows several languages and keen on Science. She is kind but can also have a great temper. Lady Rainicorn is another character and she’s a unicorn and a rainbow creature. She is the girlfriend of Jake, the dog. There are many other characters including the Ice King, Marceline the queen of vampires, Lumpy the space princess, Beemo and many others.

You will absolutely love each of the characters in Adventure Time whether they are protagonists or antagonists. Their quotes sometimes don’t make much sense but that’s what makes them a lot of fun. These quotes are gaining speed in how often they are being used. Kids and adults alike are getting addicted with Adventure Time that hearing or reading about these quotes can give them a good laugh or will remind them about the message that they learned in one of the episodes. The great friendship between the two main characters will surely teach you how to value your own set of friends and how you can show your love to your family. They may be wacky and out of this world but they can surely touch your heart.